Listen to the album: Me and Mr. Sane

Recorded all the way back when in the previous century, Me and Mr. Sane is a collection of songs written by Victor S. Wolf, developed by Justy Range (bass), Max Loubsher (drums), Stefan Ackerman (Sax) and Riku Lätti (guitar & vox).  Later added to the greater internet music pool under the name Victor S. Wolf that did not exist as an entity yet by the time the album was recorded, but became a useful creation of a character to list all the English songs Riku has written.

"The album was recorded by Willem Möller in Sharp Street recording studio in Bez valley, Johannesburg in two days.  It is punk, it is Ska, it is rock n roll, it is singer/song-writing, but above all else it is a good beginning, hope you enjoy it as much as we did".