Listen to: Kingston & the Rasta

This Album was the first album recorded by Victor S. in their St. Rand Studio which is now famous for many other records, but not this one, which is a shame, but not to much of a shame because there remains the opportunity for so many people to still discover all these great songs.  So please don't spread the word that this is probably Victor's favourite album of his own work. All the tunes are written to be simple and sweet, very easy to play in a new band, with a positive outlook and uplifting mood.  

The story behind the name Kingston and the Rasta: It was around the same period when Riku also started working with Churchil Naudé.  He had a flash drive with his songs that was labelled "Kingston".  Ten guesses why Victor reeferred to himself as the Rasta...

The band: Marius Hartzenberg on Bass, Ruben Swart on keys, Victor S. on vocals and guitars and production, Lanimybru on BVs, Churchil Naudé raps, Lia Luna speaks on Under a Walnut Tree and Jackson sings on No Big Thing